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Burn Scar Massage Therapy

Handle With Care Burn Scar Massage Therapy

Jen Hartley
Sunday, September 8, 2024
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
8 CEs
Fee: $205 early registration, $305 after June 1, 2024

Burn  scars, like surgical scars, can form into different classifications of  scar tissue. Each scar type will have its own set of precautions and  contraindications.

Learn what modality works best for each type of scar so that you can help the survivor achieve the maximum benefit from each massage session. 

    • Student will be able to recite burn injury statistics relating to # of people burned annually as well as #1 cause of burn injuries and places of occurrence.
    • Student will be able to correctly identify scar types such as atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid as well as others.
    • Student will have an understanding of burn surgeries and procedures to understand the impact massage has in recovery.
    • Students will have knowledge of physical side effects caused by a burn injury.
    • Students will have knowledge of the emotional side effects of a burn injury.
    • Students will understand emotional release while working with a burn survivor.
    • Students will learn burn medical terminology.
    • Students will learn the correct massage modalities to use with various scar types as well as the precautions and/or contraindications associated with each scar types.
    • Students will learn the benefits of burn scar massage therapy.
    • Students will learn the phases of healing of a burn injury and which phase is correct to begin burn scar massage.
    • Students will learn to do a comprehensive intake with a burn survivor.
    • Students will perform hands on massage sessions with various burn survivors.
    • Students will learn to market themselves in the burn survivor community.

For more information and to register, visit and choose the Buford, GA workshop.