Massage Certification Course Reviews from our Atlanta Students

We don’t expect you to simply take our word for it when we tell you how much Georgia Massage School has to offer. Our team has compiled reviews from fellow students of our massage certification course in Atlanta to show you what we can do. Browse through them to learn how we make a lifelong difference in our students’ skills and careers. You can tell that the people who take the Georgia Massage School courses love them and are glad they did—and we’re confident that the same will be true for your experience too.

The journey to becoming a massage therapist is not an easy one, but it is worthwhile. Our courses make it possible for every dedicated, hardworking student to achieve. What you learn from us prepares you to help your clients heal and relax when they need those benefits the most. We know that once you see what our past students have to say about our massage school, you will be excited to submit your admissions application. Our staff looks forward to welcoming you to our program and working with you to hone your talents toward a promising career.


"Laurie, you are an amazing person and an inspiration to women! You have a great team and are offering wonderful career opportunities to your students. I built a thriving practice and established a health center where I was able to offer opportunities to other therapists during my thirteen years as a massage therapist. I credit much of my success to the thorough knowledge base I received in your anatomy and physiology classes. When I closed my practice dozens of my clients had been coming to me for therapy for a decade or more. You made a difference in my life, and that allowed me to make a difference in theirs. You set the bar high for your students, but you make the goal achievable by giving them all the tools they need. (Not to mention the comedic relief you throw in for free!)"

Marlene Svoboda

"I can honestly say that I learned more anatomy from Laurie Craig than I did in veterinary school. I learned not only the muscles, but more importantly, their functions suddenly became more clear to me and I believe that made me a better massage therapist as well as a veterinarian. Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience."

Karen Ellis, LMT, DVM

"I am confident that this is the best massage school in Georgia. With only a handful of wonderful teachers including Laurie, Lujene and Carrie (who are experts in the industry) you get a very personal learning experience. I had a bachelor's degree in science going into the program and wish that Laurie was my professor through out my college years. She simplifies the complex and makes learning truly fun. You will be overly prepared to take the MBLEX exam and ready for a career in massage once you graduate. Lujene and Carrie have years of experience as practicing massage professionals. The techniques and skills they teach you are invaluable. If you want to attend a school that holds this industry in high regard and learn from the very best, come to Georgia Massage School!"

Jaime Esposito