Upper Extremity Massage Course in Georgia

Upper Extremity

Certain parts of the body can become quite sore due to repetitive motions. These include the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. As a massage therapist, you must understand the function, structure, palpation, assessment, and treatment of the soft tissues associated with this region of the body.

By signing up for the Georgia Massage School’s upper extremity massage course in Georgia, you are going to be introduced to a wide variety of advanced massage applications designed to target this area of the body. This hands-on training helps you learn how to adapt your skills to meet each discipline's specific requirements. Topics covered during this course include:

Lymphatic Massage

Learn how to enhance the lymphatic system's function by removing waste from the tissue with massage.

Sports Massage

Learn how to modify your massage techniques to treat athletes' bodies in both pre-and-post-event settings.

Seated Massage

Learn how to perform the seated massage popular at malls, airports, events, and corporate settings.


Find out about the cause and nature of disease as well as its implications for a massage session.

Spa Treatments

Learn about the different treatment applications commonly used in the spa industry.


Find out how to incorporate the use of essential oils into your treatments.

Anatomy & Physiology

Learn about the digestive, respiratory, endocrine, excretory, and reproductive systems as well as what massage therapy modifications are needed to help alleviate stress from these systems.


When you are ready to begin the massage program at our metro Atlanta school, just follow one of the links provided to get started: