Axial SKeleton Massage Course in Georgia

Axial SkeletonProviding a comprehensive understanding of the structure, function, palpation, assessment, and treatment of the soft tissues associated with the torso, head, spine, neck, and face, our axial skeleton massage course in Georgia is a must for any aspiring therapist. Georgia Massage School places a strong emphasis on the ethical business practices and scientific principles of massage therapy throughout this course. This enables you to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to practice massage throughout the Atlanta area, as well as anywhere else in the world. Some of the different topics covered in this course include:

Professional Ethics

Learn ethical practices, as well as how they relate to massage therapy.


Learn how to develop a business plan and create applicable vision and mission statements. You will learn how to determine startup costs, acquire your permits, licenses, and insurance, as well as marketing strategies.

Hydrotherapy Massage Training

Learn the primary applications of heat and cold as used in hydrotherapy massage.

Special Populations

Learn how to provide alternative massage techniques to individuals with health, age, or disability issues.

HIV/AIDS Education

Learn about the biology and etiology of the disease, as well as the various modes of transmission.

Massage Tools

Learn how to use a wide variety of tools commonly associated with both clinical and self-treatment applications.

Anatomy & Physiology

Learn about the nervous, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems.


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