Get Started with Our Introductory Massage Course in Georgia

Massage Therapy Career AtlantaStart your new career in massage therapy by enrolling in the introductory course at Georgia Massage School. You’ll learn basic techniques and receive the foundation necessary for advanced anatomical study and technical skill development. Specifically, we introduce our students to Swedish massage (the most frequently used style) and important medical terminology, among other crucial topics. Enroll today to begin our introductory massage course in Georgia and take your first step towards success in a rewarding career.

What You’ll Learn

Through hands-on teaching, you’ll receive a strong foundation in the following areas:

Professional Ethics

All future massage therapists must learn the code of ethics, confidentiality, and boundaries involved in creating the client/therapist relationship.

Medical Terminology

To ensure our students can effectively communicate with their future clients, we cover basic medical terminology commonly referred to for massages.

Introductory Anatomy

To become a massage therapist, you must learn about safety, health, hygiene, infection control, the skeletal system, and general directional terms related to the body and massage therapy.

Swedish Massage

You’ll learn the basics of Swedish massage, including pressure, depth, direction, sequence, speed, rhythm, and touch.

Cross-Fiber Massage

Our massage course also introduces you to the fundamentals of cross-fiber massage, a deep-muscle therapy technique that enhances tissue repair.

Deep Tissue Massage

Students explore the basic techniques of deep tissue massage and study how it can relieve deeper layers of tension patterns.

Energetic Therapy

You’ll broaden your horizons by learning about a series of energetic techniques that can be incorporated into a therapeutic massage session.

Kinesiology Concepts

Becoming a massage therapist also involves learning about the interaction between muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.


After completing our introductory massage course, you will embark on a detailed study of the body with our Lower Extremity, Axial Skeleton, and Upper Extremity courses. Students who complete all four units are certified as massage therapists and may apply for the national exam required for a Georgia state license.